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Weather Report from Portinscale, near Keswick, Cumbria

"LIVE" WEATHER from our Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station. (5 minute update)

Summary for Saturday 28th May 2016

Once again, the day started fine with bright sunshine and well broken clouds, but by midmorning the cloud cover was becoming more extensive, limiting the sunshine and so it remained until around 4 pm. The temperature had been rising steadily since 6 am, reaching 180C soon after 10 am, the increasing cloud reducing the rate of increase so it is only now (near 6 pm) that it has reached (probably!) the day's high of 21.40C. The wind has been minimal and rather variable in direction. Visibility has also become rather hazy with humidity only now (6 pm) down to 50% but the solar PVs have generated a creditable 10 kWh plus of electricity. All in all a fine and warm day. And tomorrow looks even better with any valley fog and low cloud soon lifting with extensive sunshine following and temperatures possibly even higher than today's. (Forecast links atbottom of page)

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Solar radiation for the last 24 hours to 6 pm

Solar PV output for the last 24 hours to 6 pm

Minima and maxima for Friday 27th May

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Weather Forecast from the Lake District National Park Weatherline available online. The Fell Conditions report has now stopped until Winter.

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Metcheck short and long term forecasts for Keswick and Portinscale

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Saturday 28th May 2016